Internet Leads Are an Essential Component Of Your Marketing Plan

Regardless of their origin, buying and working leads is in essence a numbers game. Most leads will not generate a sit-down appointment, let alone a sale… but internet leads simply add to your pipeline of qualified prospects. You will get the occasional “bad” lead and dead end leads, but on average you should find that internet leads can result in a very high return-on-investment. A good benchmark to set is to close one sale for every 10 leads you receive.

Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping for Internet Leads

  • Exclusivity: Buy only from systems that will sell leads exclusively to you and you only. Leads which are re-sold multiple times may be less expensive, but your prospects are getting hammered by multiple agents and you will find a high degree of hostility from these leads who are tired of their phone ringing off the hook.
  • Territory Selection: Cast as wide a net as you possibly can with Internet leads. Consider that you will be contacting these leads initially by phone and can set up a face to face meeting only with leads that have a reasonable chance of closing business. If you are licensed throughout your state and can drive to all points within 3 to 4 hours, SELECT THE ENTIRE STATE AS YOUR TERRITORY! You will get a much better influx of leads which is sure to keep your calendar filled with contacts and calls.
  • Tailor your pitch: Make sure you are aware of the lead source and approach your leads according to the advertising involved with your lead source. Many providers will offer example calling scripts along with a host of additional resources and example advertising.
  • To Scrub or Not to Scrub: You are going to get a lot more leads if you work both types of leads. Good scrubbing services will provide you with a much higher conversion rate, but they are very expensive and you are not likely to fill your call list with scrubbed leads – so add some unscrubbed leads to make sure you keep your numbers high.
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