Now Available: Customized Best Annuity Rate Report and Safe Money Guide Campaign

In association with Retire Village and agents, Endless Lead Flow has developed a customized campaign that integrates agent name and company into an exclusive geo-targeted campaign. Previously this lead type was only available to contracted agents, but we have now opened up available territories to any annuity agent with an active Retire Village account.

Our customized campaigns are an integrated marketing system which harnesses the wealth of information and outreach available through Retire Village agent sites and CRM system, along with the copy writing, script development, and brand status of

Leads are available to contracted agents at the rate of $130/lead, and contracted agents get preference for their selected counties or states. Leads are available to uncontracted agents with Active RetireVillage memberships at the rate of $150/lead.

What you will receive:

  • Exclusive Leads – delivered only to you, instantly when they are entered into our system. Your email notification will include the details.
  • Exclusive Territory – Active campaigns are exclusive over a specific territory. If you have selected specific counties or states, you are the ONLY agent that we will promote in that territory as long as your campaign is active. contracted agents have first choice of territory.
  • Customized geo-targeted marketing lists Agent’s name and company as an Preferred Advisor in the offer – the lead is aware of you as the agent that will be delivering the requested information before they enter their request.
  • Your Customized Best Annuity Rates Report is created as a PDF File to deliver either via email or as a printed version to your clients.

    This 12 page information booklet covers the reasonable scope of Annuity Rates available in the current market and is customized with your Name, Company, Photo and Biography.

    The booklet also includes active links on each page that link directly to your Retire Village web site.

  • Your Customized Safe Money Guide is created as a PDF File to deliver either via email or as a printed version to your clients.

    This 18 page information booklet covers basics of annuity types and options, intended to be an introduction to Annuities and safe investing. The booklet is customized with your Name, Company Name, and an active link to your Retire Village web site.

  • Your Suggested Phone Script – this 2 page document was developed in association with the agents who have been working these leads for the last year and perfecting their approach to achieve the best results.

Lock In Your Territory!

If you already have a Retire Village website, Email us with your Retire Village Web Site URL and the general territory you are interested in. We will confirm your pricing and provide you with territory details in our Purchase Agreement.

Set Up your System!

If you don’t have a Retire Village Web site yet, take a look at the example site and then request information through the Retire Village website or contact Joe and Linda Rych directly at (800) 814-5378

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